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CineD is the leading online magazine for camera and filmmaking technology, news, tests and reviews. Advertising with us means bringing direct awareness to your brand and products by engaging our diverse and interested audience.

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We are working with some of the biggest brands and manufacturers in the business, delivering advertising impressions with a global reach.

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All opportunities are available for our Japanese and Spanish sites the like.

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We offer strategically placed ad banner spaces that follow along when scrolling and are visible on all pages.

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We also offer Single Marketing Initiatives, either as stand-alone products, or as special Add-Ons for your Advertising Campaign.

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Marketing your products on our site means specifically reaching your target audience – the filmmaking and cinematography community. The broad exposure across our platform, YouTube channel, and Social Media, allows for global reach and high engagement rates.

Share your vision and expose your brand & products

Keep your brand relevant, broadcast new launches and products, and inform your target audience about upcoming news or brand-related content.

We choose our advertising partners based on our user’s interests and want to create a win-win situation for both sides. By staying flexible with our possibilities, and regularly adding new offers and opportunities, we aim to keep our community informed and engaged.

Our goal has always been to ensure that our advertising campaigns are beneficial and of high standards. This way, our advertising partners gain the chance to run successful campaigns and connect with our audience in a meaningful way.

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