Best Cameras – above $5,000

This is it. In this category, you’ll find only the finest cameras designed specifically for serious filmmaking. Of course, sky’s the limit, but in this selection of cine cameras, we focus on outstanding image quality vs. owner/operator use cases.

You won’t find gigantic, custom-built Panavision 70mm film cameras or items which are most likely rental-only here, but you will see a selection of the best cameras available in the film industry today. Of course, the money you invest in a camera body is only part of the cash you’ll need to build a proper rig. But if you want the very best in image quality for your production, this list will serve you well. 

Note: We have excluded RED cameras (with the exception of the Komodo) from this list as higher-end RED cameras can be custom built in terms of mount and sensor options. Listing all possible variants would just be a mess.