Best Travel Tripods for Video and Small Fluid Heads

Gear Guide Travel Tripods and Fluid Heads

Tripods are an often overlooked essential for cameras, as they provide the necessary stability needed to produce beautiful shots. To achieve smooth camera movements and capture pleasing imagery, it is essential to have a tripod with a fluid head that allows for easy panning and tilting of the camera. Yet, many video tripods are large and bulky. In this Gear Guide, we focus on an overview of the best travel tripods on the market.

The characteristics of tripods are often contradictory. On one hand, they should be solid and provide as much stability as possible, and on the other hand, portable travel tripods should be small, compact, and lightweight. When selecting a tripod, the payload is a crucial factor to consider. However, for content creators who are frequently on the go, the folded size and weight of the tripod are also critical considerations.

To create the ideal travel tripod with a fluid head, you have two options: you can purchase the legs and fluid head separately from different manufacturers, or you can opt for a set that includes a specific head when buying a tripod. Regardless of your choice, you should aim for a tripod that is solid, lightweight, and compact, and supports the weight of your camera so you can carry it with ease wherever you go.

It is a bit like squaring a circle, so we sorted out a few portable models for you to check out below. Starting with models for light and compact cameras, to midsize DLSR rigs, up to systems that can even support bigger cameras, go ahead and check them out!