Best Bright 7″ Monitors in 2023

multiple bright monitors with bright sun in the background

Shooting outdoors is usually a challenge in itself. From logistical challenges to unforeseeable lighting/weather changes, a bright monitor for judging your framing, focus, and exposure is key. Here are some monitors you can use for every project, no matter how bright your surroundings are.

A professional monitor should have SDI-In and Outputs as well as HDMI In-and Outputs, with an added bonus to cross convert these signals (which is still quite rare, unfortunately). This gives you the most flexibility and future-proofing because you can connect the monitor to any camera you like.

When you want to use a monitor for exposing your image, it is always good to not just have to trust the image that you see. Exposure tools take away the guesswork and show you exactly how your image is exposed.

Whether you are a focus puller or you are a one-man (or woman)-band, you will have to focus a lens manually sooner or later. And that’s why you want to have solid focus tools to help you nail your focus.

3D LUTs play a big part in your on-set experience so you want to be able to convert your log image as close to what your final product should look like.

While monitors in this size were expensive just until a few years ago, many budget options have come on the market in the last few years. Check out our bright monitors overview in 7″ size below.