H&Y EVO-series Magnetic/Screw-in Filter System – Review

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Imagine a filter system that offers the versatility of being either magnetic or screw-in. Here comes H&Y, a Chinese company that specializes in bringing quality filter solutions to the market. They have introduced an innovative idea and a solution that greatly simplifies the process of filming in the field.

H&Y, a company that specializes in making quality filter solutions, is now running a crowdfunding campaign featuring their latest invention, the EVO series filter system. There are two versions of this system – one for photographers and one for filmmakers. In this review, I’m looking closely at the video kit.

Filter solutions

It’s not that we lack lens filter solution systems. In fact, recently this specific market became saturated with many manufacturers trying their best to “reinvent the wheel”. 

And that is exactly the issue. Personally, I’m looking for a solid solution, yet one that can enhance my workflow when filming. 

So yes, there are great filter options out there, but innovation must be supported by “simplicity”, and while some filter solutions are potentially good, others are too unwieldy to use in the field. 

And this brings me to the H&Y EVO series filter combination. It is simply a great, easy-to-use system with a dual-mode design, which gives you the freedom to work in any way that suits you best. 

H&Y EVO-series filters. Magnetic and Screw-in. Credit: CineD

H&Y EVO series

The main selling point of this new system is its dual capability: filters can be attached to the lens either using a “magnetic approach” or, if you don’t trust magnets, it is possible to use the old “screw-in” method of attaching the filters to the lens thread. 

Magnetic lens cap
Magnetic lens cap. Credit: CineD

Why filters?

I can hear some of you asking why even bother working with filters at all. 

Well, there are a few solid reasons: 

If you are like me and enjoy spending your time behind a camera, you know the drill. Lens filters are an essential accessory to enhance images or help with telling a story. 

Regardless of this, there is also the technical aspect. For example, most mirrorless cameras don’t have a built-in ND filter to control and compensate for the amount of light entering the sensor, which is fundamental when filming and maintaining a certain shutter speed. 

This is when the H&Y variable ND comes in handy. When using it in “threaded mode”, it acts as a very versatile ND. But, in “magnetic mode”, it also acts as a circular polarizer. 

When it comes to lenses, many of the newer offerings are simply too sharp or lack identity to support the film look we are after.

In order to cut this “image harshness”, the H&Y EVO series includes Mist black and Mist white filters with a strength of 1/4. Depending on the look you are after, and your light setup, these types of filters are very welcome, especially in the age of digital filming. By the way, personally, I hope that H&Y will consider adding a 1/8 mist black filter for even greater flexibility. 

Blue streak effect filter
Blue streak effect filter. Credit: CineD

Last but not least, there are the EVO series effect filters. 

They consist of a streak blue filter imitating an anamorphic flare, and a short 4X Cross filter. 

Of course, it is a matter of personal taste if you’d like to use them or not. 

The Magnetic adapter.
The Magnetic adapter. Credit: CineD

A well-thought-through filter solution

So to summarize: The video kit is very well thought through and includes all the essentials one might need when working in the field (ND3-1000+CPL, black mist 1/4, white mist 1/4, streak blue, short 4X cross, adapter ring, lens cap, and storage bag).

You’ve got to love the filter mounting flexibility and modularity, the filter glass quality and color neutrality, the super slim lightweight design, the durability, and the magnetic lens cap next to the storage bag. 

I didn’t test these filters on lenses beyond 400mm, but in order to keep sharpness, H&Y themselves are suggesting not to go beyond 400mm when using them.

REVORING variable adapter ring
REVORING variable adapter ring. Credit: CineD
EVO filter on the REVORING variable adapter ring
EVO filter on the REVORING variable adapter ring. Credit: CineD

One additional tip – in their Kickstarter campaign, H&Y is offering different filter thread sizes, like 67, 72, 77, 82, and 95mm. However, if you are already using lenses with different thread sizes but are interested in utilizing this 82mm filter system, you might find the H&Y REVORING variable adapter ring worth considering. This solution easily supports the new EVO filter system.  

When it comes to cost, during the crowdfunding campaign, H&Y is offering the new filter set at a very special price from $250 to $370, depending on the size of the filters. 

What do you think about this modular filter system? Does it ignite your curiosity to try it in the field? Please share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.


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