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About Us

CineD is committed to bringing you the latest filmmaking technology news, reviews and analysis. As a leading independent site about advancements in cinematography, we also cover filmmaking accessories, lighting and audio as well as relevant software. Besides gear news, we provide reviews of new cameras and accessories, extensive lab tests of sensors, how-to posts and videos, behind-the-scenes talks with filmmakers, coverage of international industry trade shows and also sometimes host filmmaking competitions.

CineD is for all filmmakers, from beginners to professionals, and all those interested in new developments and latest technologies. We help you bring your film and video projects to life by showing you the right tools and techniques.

Real Stories, Real Films

We want to see real films with real stories. We want to know how a piece of gear actually performs, in a real working situation. Therefore, we incorporate our tests and reviews into shooting real projects whenever possible. Real shooting situations with real-time constraints, amongst other factors, provide real-life feedback on a piece of gear’s performance. Many of our reviews come as storylines or mini documentaries, as well as hands-on videos. We want to get the whole picture.

History & Site Name

CineD® was founded by people who work in the field. Based in Vienna, Austria, CineD® was born in 2008 (formerly as cinema5D), as a forum for discussions relating to DSLR cinematography, and the techniques and technologies used by modern cinematographers. In 2012, the original founder Sebastian Woeber teamed up with Nino Leitner and Johnnie Behiri, allowing the site to provide insights and opinions from experienced filmmakers, each with their own shooting style, equipment preference and history of productions. Over time, more professional filmmakers from around the world were brought into the team that enriched the plurality of opinions and skillsets behind the site’s content. 

This combined expertise in the industry has allowed CineD® to flourish into a highly successful and much-loved outlet of news, advice and reviews for both amateur and professional filmmakers. Since 2018, the site is wholly owned and managed by Nino and Johnnie, and the company behind the site was changed into a limited liability company (“GmbH” under Austrian law) – cinema5D GmbH. 

In August 2020, after a lengthy research, design and development process, the site was rebranded and relaunched, resulting in a new look, feel and name, while the company behind it (cinema5D GmbH) as well as the entire team behind it have stayed the same. 

In parallel to the international (English) site, CineD® exists also in Japanese (since 2016) and Spanish (since 2018) languages and is highly successful in these markets, where English is not as commonplace. 

The original name “cinema5D” originated from the back-then revolutionary Canon 5D Mark II and stayed with us for a long time, as it became a globally known and trusted source of information for filmmakers. The name “CineD” stands for Cinematography + Digital, while the components “Cine” + “D” are a little nod towards the good old times.

In 2021, CineD (cinema5D GmbH) acquired 100% of The Dorsia Group, LLC, publicly known as MZed, to greatly expand its effort into educating filmmakers. MZed is the leading website for online filmmaking education, and is the home of 500+ lessons and over 40 courses covering all aspects of filmmaking, created by some of the most respected names in the industry. The CineD team is working hard to add more value and high-quality content to the platform through its MZed Pro annual membership. 

Nino Leitner and Johnnie Behiri jointly own the cinema5D GmbH, which is headquartered in Vienna, Austria.

Business Model & Ethics

Creating this constant flow of content, video reviews and news announcements for a qualitative website like this is an incredible amount of work. The time dedicated to filming reviews, hosting interviews, travelling to global trade shows (just to name a few examples) is time taken away from paid camera work. 

Our business model is based on traffic, and we run carefully selected, relevant advertising, affiliated buy links concerning mentioned products, and collaborations with companies we trust and recommend. Thanks to our sponsors B&H, CVP and Fujiya Avic (in Japan)- who are leading camera equipment retailers – we are independent from manufacturers when compiling reviews. We will always share our honest, unbiased opinion on cameras and accessories – no holding back!

We Need You

CineD is nothing without its audience. We are constantly improving our site’s usefulness and it’s a labor of love for everyone involved. Please do not hesitate to give us feedback on our work – either as comments on individual posts, or by directly emailing us.

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This website collects advertising revenue by displaying ads through Google Ad Manager and affiliate linking to our partners and sponsors: B&H and CVP, Fujiya Camera,,, and others. If you have any questions, please consult our Privacy Policy or contact us directly via the Contact Us form. 

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