Hobolite Mini-X Introduced – A Bi-Color LED Light for Cold and Harsh Weather

Hobolite, the producer of LED lights known for their vintage looks, has announced the release of the Mini-X, a Bi-Color LED light introduced at InterBEE in Tokyo. Let’s take a look at this newest offer from the company.

Like the other lights that the company offers, the new Mini-X also has a unique vintage design reminiscent of classic cameras from the 50s and 60s. However, it is not only nice to look at, it is also designed to withstand harsh conditions. It is water resistant with a rating of IP54 and can work in temperatures from -30°C up to 40°C / -22°F up to 104°F. This makes it very useful for outdoor shoots. Hobolite claims that low temperatures will not have any effect on the battery run-time.

The Hobolite Mini-X – Image credit: Hobolite

Tough and small – a light with a retro design

The small size of the light makes it easy to carry around. The light itself weighs 1lb/.45kg and the body dimensions are 6.6×8.4×10.7 cm or 2.6×3.3×4.2 inches. It can output up to 20W of power, and the light output ranges from 2.700K to 6.500K with a CRI of 96. 

Built-in battery and versions

The light comes with its own rechargeable 3,000 mAh built-in battery. On the bottom of the light, you’ll find a V-mount attachment that allows you to connect to additional power sources. The operating time with the built-in battery varies from 4.5 hours at 20% strength to 48 minutes at 100% strength. 

The Hobolite Mini-X starter kit – Image credit: Hobolite

The starter kit version includes the light, a pouch, a USB-C cable, and a power adaptor. The light is also available in a creator kit which adds mini barndoors with interchangeable filters, a desktop tripod, a V-mount cold shoe adaptor, and a V-mount ball head adaptor. 

The Hobolite Mini-X creator kit – Image credit: Hobolite

Wireless control via app

The light can be controlled with the interface on the device itself, but also via an app and Bluetooth. The maximum Bluetooth control distance is given as 20 meters or 65 feet. 

The controls at the top of the light – Image credit: Hobolite

LiteDock-X: Battery grip for the Mini-X

Together with the Mini-X, the company has also launched the LiteDock-X battery grip priced at $269.90. It comes with a built-in 2,500 mAH battery which adds 1.5 hours of run-time at full power. The grip features two USB-C ports and can power two devices simultaneously.

The Hobolite Mini-X with the LiteDock-X battery grip attached – Image source: Hobolite

Pricing and availability

The light is available for pre-order now. The starter kit comes in at $369 while the creator kit is priced at $499. For more information, have a look at their website.

What do you think of this cute little light? Do you like the retro design? Let us know in the comments below! 


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