Snapbridge Introduced – Lightbridge and DoPchoice Team Up for New Method of Painting with Controlled Light

Lightbridge, makers of the Cine Reflect Lighting Systems (CRLS), and DoPchoice have partnered up to create a new type of reflective lighting gear: The Snapbridge. It’s designed to create a soft light source with full creative control. The goal was to create a reflective system that works with all light sources and is very close to natural light while at the same time reducing the spill off the reflector.

Both companies are already well known: Lightbridge for their Precision Reflectors, which offer a natural and intuitive style of illumination, and DoPchoice for their instant-up Snapbags and Snapgrids for softening and direction of most types of LED lights. Let’s take a closer look at what their new innovation has to offer!

Check out our video interview, in which we talk to Jakob Ballinger (CEO of Lightbridge) and Stefan Karle (CEO of DoPchoice) about their innovation, and see the Snapbridge in action.

The Snapbridge used in “Dark Mode” – Image credit: Lightbridge

What is “layered lighting”?

Lightbridge calls this new approach “layered lighting”. This is achieved by adding a soft DoPchoice bounce around the Lightbridge Precision Reflector. The lightweight device is stored in a compact pouch and snaps into its octagonal shape once it’s removed from it. It is 5 feet or 1.5 meters in diameter and nearly flat, therefore allowing it to be used even in tight spaces such as staircases or elevators.

Slim form factor for use in tight spaces – Image credit: LightBridge

The device has a dark side and a white side for two different modes. The white side, or Soft Mode, is used to create a gentle bounced fill light around the precision reflector. The Dark Mode provides negative fill with a glow of light reminiscent of a charcoal grid or black silks. It also reduces spill around the precision reflector. Both sides quickly attach to Lightbridge Precision Reflectors with a rail at the back and a C-Wheel mount that fits the standard 16mm Baby pin mounts.

The Snapbridge in “Soft Mode” with Lightbridge Precision Reflector – Image credit: Lightbridge

The Snapbridge also includes the anti-rotation Lightbridge Extender to make mounting even easier and safer.

The C-Wheel extender – Image credit: Lightbridge

Quick setup

The setup and breakdown work fast due to the proprietary engineering. The Snapbridge folds out easily and can then be snapped in place using either the Soft or Dark mode. The small footprint makes it especially useful for small teams or creators working on their own.

What’s included in the Snapbridge Glide Ready-To-Go Kit

The kit includes a Snapbridge 5-foot Shallow, one each 50×50 Lightbridge DIFF2 (which provides a soft reflection) and DIFF3 (which is useful when you need more punch) Precision Reflector, one Speedbag 50, one C-Wheel Receiver, one Grip Bag, one Lightbridge 16mm Extension, and Cleaning Cloth. The Snapbridge 5-foot Shallow and DIFF Precision Reflectors can also be purchased as single items.

The Snapbridge Ready-To-Go Kit – Image credit: Lightbridge

Black Friday Gear Giveaway

Lightbridge and DoPchoice were kind enough to sponsor our Black Friday Gear Giveaway! We are giving away gear worth more than $20k to 20 lucky winners with 20 ways to enter. Check out our article to enter the giveaway – It’s WORLDWIDE and for FREE!

Pricing and availability

The product is available for pre-order in the US for $1,875 (€1.695) for the kit and will be delivered starting at the end of November. Once the product is available worldwide, we will let you know. Also, of course, we will put it through its paces and review it as soon as we get our hands on it. 

Are you using Lightbridge or DoPchoice products already? Does this new system look interesting to you? Let us know in the comments below!


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